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Virtual Taxes: Creating Flexibility & Nationwide Services

Virtual Tax Services is the future of our industry. We offer convenient services to accomodate your busy life style. No more long office visits. Now you can complete most of our services virtually. Its as easy as 1-2-3! Our client portal securely allows transferring and storage of information while all documents are signed electronically. Not sure if this service is for you? Feel free to call us with questions or schedule a traditional office visit.

At Childs Tax & Accounting Solutions, we believe in securing our clients information and taking the necessary steps to make sure you have access to information as needed. No more phone calls or long waits to obtain copies of your information. As a customer, you can login 24/7 to access prior year tax returns or documents that have been previously filed.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Schedule an appointment online to file virtually

Step 2

A representative will e-mail you a link to upload your document to your personal secured portal.  This can be done by phone, scanner, or fax.

Step 3

All information is entered prior to your appointment.  A representative will call you at your scheduled time to clarify and finalize your return.

Step 4

A link is texted to your mobile device for review of documents and electronic signature.

Step 5

A encrypted email is sent with all finalized documents.  A copy is uploaded to your portal.