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Welcome To Childs Tax & Accounting Solutions

We are a full service tax firm providing traditional and virtual services for individuals and businesses nationwide. Our services are very unique and we advocate for taxpayer rights. OUR firm helps people resolve taxation issues and avoid owing the IRS.

Our staff consists of accountants and enrolled agents who are held to high standards to be able to interpret and apply current tax codes and laws.

We offer affordable, professional solutions for your taxation and accounting needs.


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Do You Hate Waiting Hours To Prepare Your Taxes ?

 Ask about our virtual tax services where you file taxes at your convenience. From work, home, or anywhere there is an internet connection…We understand life is hectic and we are here to file your taxes quickly and make life easier.

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Some of our Services

As your representative, we will ensure that the IRS acts within their guidelines and follows proper procedures when attempting to collect on a tax that may be owed to them.

Tax Preparation

Here at Childs Tax & Accounting Solution our staff is knowledgeable on IRS and State Tax preparation for individuals Corporations and Small Businesses.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Childs Tax & Accounting Services specializes in itemization. We want to make sure liability is minimal. This is not always an easy task.

Tax Resolution

Are you overwhelmed with tax issues that just keep getting worse? Are your IRS problems causing you stress and anxiety? If so, it’s time to call in the experienced and knowledgeable tax consultants at Childs Tax.

Virtual Tax

Virtual Tax Services is the future of our industry. We offer convenient services to accommodate your busy life style. No more long office visits. Now you can complete most of our services virtually.

Accounting Services

At Childs Accounting Solutions providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel can not be compromised.


As a busy entrepreneur, you have more pressing things to handle than to do your own bookkeeping. We, at Childs Tax & Accounting Solutions, can take care of your every bookkeeping need so that you would be able to focus on running your business more effectively!

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At Childs Tax & Accounting Solutions, we believe in securing our clients information and taking the necessary steps to make sure you have access to information as needed. No more phone calls or long waits to obtain copies of your information. As a customer, you can login 24/7 to access prior year tax returns or documents that have been previously filed.

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"I have attended Childs Tax workshops to prepare for tax season. I never itemized before and thanks to their workshop I was able to get back more than usual." - D. Lindsay (CEO)
"I was told by a few coworkers to try Childs Tax. They know all the law enforcement deductions and I was able to get more than expected. I am prepared for next year." - E. Lopez (Law Enforcement)
"I am a real estate professional and needed some guidance and tax planning. Childs Tax helped me form my company correctly and taught me how to identify valid write-offs for my company." - N. Zembrowski (Small Business Owner)
"I am a small business owner who didnt have a clue about taxation and accounting. I quickly found out when I had a lien placed on my home and a lot of IRS threats. When my bank account was frozen, I contacted Childs Tax and they had it released in one day. I really thought my money was not going to be given back. Thank you for teaching me and cleaning up my mess." - V. Chambers (Small Business Owner)
"Thank you so much for resolving our tax issue. We attempted to resolve the issue on our own and also consulted another company prior to using your service. You saved us a lot of money and we will use your services every year moving forward." - T. Griffin (Manager)